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Since 1980, doing business as “Wordsmith Ink,” Tip Boxell (also Tillman S. Boxell) has written — out of his own imagination and experience as well as for customers and clients — novels, nonfiction memoirs, screenplays, stage plays, short stories, and articles of all kinds and for all purposes. He assisted Charles W. Morgan in the preparation of his biographical statement of personal philosophy and prescription for the salvation of the world entitled This Dynamic World (Author House, 2010). Tip is currently assisting Daniel Burton, the first person to bicycle from the perimeter coast of Antarctica to the South Pole with his account of his expedition entitled South Pole Epic. After 34 years of writing over 100 pieces of every kind for other people, now comes Tip Boxell’s creation of his own works in the political, nonfiction novel, The Star Spangled Banner (CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, 2014) and also the “Kindle Single,” Kennedy Was Fragged (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2013).

Tip Boxell has had other lives in addition to the life of a writer. For 30 years over a 43 year period of time, Tip served in an extremely varied military career. He was a 22 year old Marine second lieutenant infantry platoon commander in Vietnam and a 57 year old Army national guard military intelligence NCO in Iraq. He also had a sixteen year career at Brigham Young University, Salt Lake Community College, and LDS Business College as a college instructor of theater, film, history, and communications.

Also, Tip Boxell was during those same years a professional actor seen in over thirty features, over thirty business-industrial-government-church pieces, and 150 radio and television commercials.

Tip Boxell has an M.A. in Theater and Film from Brigham Young University with a double emphasis in writing and directing for stage, screen, and television and graduate minors in Communications and Educational Administration. He has a B.A. in history with extensive study of English literature and creative writing as well as philosophy.